General Manager

Eng. Granik Bumçi
Electrical Engineer

Competence: Management, HR, BMS Systems, HVAC Systems.

Engineering staff

Eng. Astrit Golja
Electrical Engineer

Competence: Electro-Mechanical Systems

Marsida Karriqi
Financial accountant
Eng. Enea Nushi
Mechanical Engineer

Competence:Fire Protection Systems, HVAC Systems, Plumbing

Eng. Kozeta Lila
Mechanical Engineer


Competence: Mechanical Systems, Hvac Systems, Plumbing, Fire Protection Systems

Spec. Lavdim Lila

Competence:Responsible of maintenance for HVAC Systems, Electrical and BMS Systems

Eng. Jasin Ceka
Mechanical Engineer

Competence: Fire Protection Systems, HVAC Systems, Plumbing