Gener 2 is a highly regarded real estate and development company, which is rapidly becoming Albania’s choice for construction, engineering, design and project management with over seventeen years of market experience. The diverse portfolio of Gener 2 includes general residential and commercial construction, public works projects, engineering design, management, coordination, and supervision of various construction and development activities.

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Trema Engineering 2

Since the beginning in 1996 has been on the leading edge in providing comprehensive construction services (in accordance with the national or international regulations) including design-build, construction management and competitive bids for a wide range of both architectural and construction projects. The Company’s pioneering work in the development of construction management technology and its use has established a new standard for the industry.
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LG Air Conditioner

The outstanding quality of LG air conditioners is recognized by people all over the world . According to an article by japan’s famous freezing and air conditioning magazine JARN, LG Electronics sold its 4.9 million air conditioners in 2000, taking the world’s first spot in sales. When the company has posted 10 million units in 2004, 2005 and 2006, the first of its kind, it has become the top seller of air conditioners in the world for seven consecutive years.

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Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 45 countries. We manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. Our product range spans a broad range of energyefficient fans, air handling units, air distribution products, chillers, air curtains and heating products. Our products are robust and easy to choose, install and use.The Group has 19 factories in 15 countries with more than 250,000 m² of warehouse and production space.

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TID – Tirana International Development sh.p.k.was founded in 1998, of entirely Albanian Capital. Its vigorous development has already placed the Company at the top of the list of construction companies in Albania. The successful progress is the outcome of the managerial and technical-engineering capabilities demonstrated by the staff, projecting and executing in compliance of Albanian and European standards.
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Leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide CO2 transmitters, data loggers, monitoring systems, data acquisiton systems, thermometers, hygrometers, barometers. Production includes data acquisition systems, humidity, temperature,CO2 transmitters and portable thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, CO2 meters.Instruments are designed for accurate measurement and for monitoring environmental conditions.
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Coster spa.

Coster was established in Italy in 1967 by a team of engineers who had worked for many years in the field of electronic instrumentation for use in both terrestrial sites and on board satellites and missiles. Its manufacture, research and development and quality control are centred in their production plant in Edolo, Northern Italy. Their sales network covers over 30 agencies covering Italy, UK, Russia and mainland Europe
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Safe Antincendi , an Italian limited liability company, was established in the year 1994 by two leading experts in the fire protection industry with a combined experience of over 70 years. The mission of the company is based on the principle of offering to the customer top quality fire protection systems, products and services.

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Victaulic, the world leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems, was founded in New York City in 1925 to market a radical new concept in the piping industry — a mechanical bolted coupling that would engage into grooves and feature a gasket seal.

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Instituti Konsulences Ndertimit is a construction consulting company specialized in the supervision, approval, inspection, project consultancy and quality insurance of a variety of building works including private and public works as well of special construction projects.
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Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. The headquarters of the Hilti Group are in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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ITE, started its operations as a limited liability company in 1995. “ite” was created with 100% shares Albanian. The scope of its projects was the installation for electrical, electronic and telekomunikacionev, and fulfillment of needs electrical and electronic materials through imports.For more information, please visit:ITE


CIFE IMPIANTI has been operating for more than fourthy years in the field of planning and realization of thermal blots and it is particularly “world wide” specialized with the realization of foundries and refineries of non ferrous metals. This year, with the increased sensibility towards the atmosphere, a new line of ecology products has joined the section. This new line has given the impulse to all a series of blots with the propose of respecting and saving our atmosphere. Our society is also redesigning, reviewing, and adapting existing systems to improve their efficiency.
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The Rosenberg Group

Air is our element – moving it intelligently and efficiently is our passion. Since 1981 we have been developing and producing adjustable external rotor motors, fans and air handling units.Our headquarters is located in Künzelsau. German Engineering skill is the basis of our development work and drives our innovation. As a worldwide company we are represented where our customers need us.The continuous exchange of information between customers and employees comes first with us. Consequently, we can permanently optimise products and quality to respond flexibly to all of our customers’ needs.

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